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PostSubject: [INFORMATION] About us   Mon May 27, 2013 2:47 am

  • Introduction

    Established in 2001 as a Packaging Company, Umbracato Corporation (U-CORP) is one of San Andreas' largest publicly listed Packaging and Entertainment company with over 50 Major Facilities spread around San Andreas. It's main base of operations is currently at Umbracato Compound, Ocean Docks, Los Santos.

    The first and original logo

    As of 2012, it has spanned out into other different business ventures such as Realty, Manufacturing and Security.

    U-CORP manufacturing operations extend beyond its home market to Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia; and its products are exported to 60 markets around the world.

  • Major Companies and Brands

    Vista Manufacturers Incorporated
    - Vista Manufacturers Incorporated Products services many of the region's leading food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverages and personal care manufacturers. The company serves clients in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia, among other foreign markets. DSMI manufactures glass bottles, PET bottles, corrugated cartons, flexible packaging, plastic crates and pallets, plastic caps, metal closures and two-piece aluminum libog cans. Aside from such products, DSMI also manufactures firearms, ammunition and artillery.

    - Currently located at Unity Station, Los Santos, is a U-CORP's most successful business, sponsored by Jack Package, Founder of Jack's Packaging Company. It's famous for it's underground basement style interior. As of May 2012, it currently has 100 employees and 20 associates. The Umbracato's™ label later on expanded to Realty and Security ventures which were all successful.

  • Minor and Former Businesses and Products

    The Royal Flush Casino (Currently known as Caligula's Casino)
    - Established in early 2001 by Humberto Umbracato, was the foundation of what soon to be called "Umbracato Corporation". Situated at All Saints, Los Santos,  it was one of the most famous Casinos in Los Santos at that time. After some legal issues, it was mandatorily bought by the Government and later on, auctioned.  It is currently owned by Miles Caligula and was renamed to Caligula's Casino

    Tony's Liquor (Currently known as Nash's Liquor)
    - Located at Idlewood, Los Santos, Tony's Liquor was the first of the many drinking hubs and bars established by Umbracato Corporation. After a year of success, it was bought out by the Nash Family. The money obtained was then used as funding for the newly founded Umbracato Corporation.

    Umbracato Sindicato Bar
    - It was one of the most famous bars in Los Santos located at Market Mall. Along with Umbracato's Liquor, the bar was a huge success until it's closure on October 12, 2011.

    Umbracato's Liquor
    - Originally located beside Umbracato Sindicato Bar and currently located at Jefferson, Los Santos, is U-CORP's miniature sized brewery and Liquor Store. It was famous for selling imported wines and drinks supplied Jack's Packaging Company

    - Recently auctioned by the Government, it was bought by the Company as it's "first step" on expanding towards the Clothing Industry. A fashion brand that offers premium quality products at affordable prices. PROLAPS-VICTIM opened up as a small store selling men's t-shirts. The company has now grown to include a ladies' line, underwear, fragrances, housewares, snacks and other lifestyle products.

Posters, Advertisements and Misc. Images:

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Forum Staff

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PostSubject: Re: [INFORMATION] About us   Mon May 27, 2013 3:25 am

(( OOC ))

Materials and Narcotics Division aka Manufacturing Division

What do we do?

- Our Division is in-charge of collecting Materials, Drugs and crafting materials in-game for Roleplaying, Turf and Point purposes.

- We supply the guns and drugs needed by other members of the Family.

What is Umbracato Corporation?

- Our Division's current Business Front to hide our illegal activities from Law Enforcement Agencies, especially FBI and NOOSE.

Where's our HQ?

- Our HQ is currently located at Syndicate's Oceandocks Compound. We're currently sharing warehouses with JPC.

- The HQ parking lot is strictly for PROSPECTS (Members who are not invited to the Family) only. If you want to park your cars in there, contact Humberto Umbracato or Jose Dos Santos for permission.

Do we need to get a certain job in-game?

- Getting and leveling up Arms Dealer, Shipment Contractor, Drug Dealer, Drug Smuggler and Craftsman is strictly advised.

- Leveling up Arms Dealer should be your main priority in order to supply high-grade guns. Drug Dealer, second and lastly, Shipment Contractor.

What do the members need to do?

- You will need to give your supply of Materials and Drugs to the Division Supervisors.

- You will need to give at least 15,000 materials, 150 grams of Pot and Crack, 50 grams of Heroin WEEKLY.

- Payments for your weekly supply can be arranged although giving them for free will give you high chances of promotion.

Where do we apply?

- Apply here!
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