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 Alex Gale's Application.[HIRED]

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Employee (R1)
Employee (R1)

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PostSubject: Alex Gale's Application.[HIRED]   Mon May 27, 2013 6:00 pm

Jack's Packaging Company Security and Training application form.

Full nameAlex Gale

Place of Birth I was born in All Saints Hospital

Date of Birth October 26 1995

Current Citizenship (SA/TR) SA

Phone Number -102711

Home Address (If none state none)
I live in the Mall Apartment in the Market near Blocc and at the back of All Saints Hospital

Email Address

What makes you unique? Well what makes me unique is that i am who i am nobody can copy me because every people is different even if i have a twin we will be still different.

Why should we pick you over anyone else? Because i know i am capable of this job. I want to protect people and i don't want people to get hurt without a reason. I want to help

Have you got past experience within this job type? I think i have an experience like this when someone wants a protection. So i think i have some experience in the past.

Tell us a small bit about yourself. Well i am Alex Gale i like to hang around people that i know. I like doing some things because i don't want being bored. I want to help people in need. I am an average person not rich not poor. I am also friendly and i dont forget people so easily. So thats me
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Syndicate Boss (R5)
Syndicate Boss (R5)

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PostSubject: Re: Alex Gale's Application.[HIRED]   Tue May 28, 2013 6:29 am


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Alex Gale's Application.[HIRED]
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