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 [M.E.F. Inc] Martinez Employment Firm Inc. Employment Procedures

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John Snake
Lieutenant (R3)
Lieutenant (R3)

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PostSubject: [M.E.F. Inc] Martinez Employment Firm Inc. Employment Procedures   Mon May 27, 2013 6:28 pm

M.E.F. Inc's Employment Procedures

1. Discussion

Get to know the Applicant by asking them about themself and getting them to describe how they found out about the Company, etc. Try show them that you are friendly and get rid of their nervous internal feelings so they will be able to talk freely without fear.

2. Application

Give them the Application in which they must complete carefully. This requires extreme Role-Play (Taking out a Application & Pen, Handing it to the Applicant, Etc.). You must ask all the Questions carefully. This is a Sample Role-Play (Including Questions):


3. Role-Play Test

Return to IC talk and get them to complete a Task. This task will be used to monitor their Role-Play. If they failed the previous Step and they do extraordinarily well on this section, You may pass them and proceed to giving them the /invite. The Role-Play must be one of the following:

Make them serve you a Drink in the Bar
Make them Open our Safe and take all the Money out
Make them Repair any Vehicle
Make them Cook some Food for you in the Kitchen

4. Server Rules Test

Ask the Applicant using [/b] 3 Server Rule Question. You'll need to check [/Rules] to confirm that they aren't cheating at times. The 3 Questions will be of different difficulty standards and you must make sure that they get at least 2/3 correct - If they fail to get 2/3.

The Packs of Questiosn are (SELECT 1 OUT OF THE 3):

Server Rules #1
Server Rules #2
Server Rules #3
Non-RP Selling

Now think of, if the Applicant passed the tests above?
If yes, you may proceed them to the Step 5.

5. 2-day Trial

Tell the Applicant, that they'll be on a 2-day trial. Give them our frequency and tell them to register on our forums "Here. Tell them, that they would have to be available at all times, if they're called via radio [/pr].

Give them a short bio of, what will be happening on the 2-day trial:

On the first day they will be training in two Companies.
1. A training at Umbracato's Bar, where they will be trained as bartenders, bouncers, etc..
2. A training in our Security Agency, where their shooting skills will be tested, etc..

On the second day, they will be training in another two Companies.
3. A training in our Production Company, where they will be asked to transport some mats, pot, crack.
4. A training in our Employment Firm, where their RP skills will be tested/improved.

The Training in each company would be done by a CEO, COO or a Trusted Member of a particular Company ONLY

6. Employment

After they have completed their 2-day Trial, they will be having some time with the crew ((fam event or something that will be done with the fam members such as rp events ect..)) If they are seen with great potential on the job and having great bonds with the members then and only then they will be Employed to the J.P.C. Company.

They will be Employed after the CEO, COO has gotten Approval form from all of those 4 Companies. Only CEO, COO approval is valid.
The M.E.F. Inc will not Employ the Trainee before they haven't gotten 4 Approvals from the CEO or COO of the particular Companies

This fill be done by the CEO or the COO of M.E.F. Inc.

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John Snake
Lieutenant (R3)
Lieutenant (R3)

Posts : 245
Join date : 2012-04-07
Age : 21
Location : Jõgeva, Estonia

PostSubject: Re: [M.E.F. Inc] Martinez Employment Firm Inc. Employment Procedures   Tue May 28, 2013 7:59 pm

We have got a New Employment Procedure for the Recruiting. ( Step 5 and 6 ).
This will be checked closely by the CEOs and COOs ( Leaders and Co-Leaders ) of the Companies.

This will be put in action from 28th May.
Approved by:
Chris Hex, Mokomaki Kasawika, Mike Yumi
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[M.E.F. Inc] Martinez Employment Firm Inc. Employment Procedures
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