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 [M.E.F. Inc] Purged

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John Snake
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PostSubject: [M.E.F. Inc] Purged   Mon May 27, 2013 10:31 pm

M.E.F. Inc Purging

Information about the Purge

The CEO of the M.E.F. Inc has purged their Company after he had recreated it.

What does Purge mean?
The CEO of the Company has Purged their Company means, that he fired all of his Employees to make a new start for the Company.

The Purging took place on 27th May 10:20 PM (GMT +3).


The M.E.F. Inc is Re-Hiring their Employees.

How to get Re-Hired?
It's easy. You would have to complete the same stages of Recruiting, but they're made more additional now with a couple of new stages of Recruiting.
Now instead of just Filling a Form you would have to go through a test, which would test your abilities and it would show, if you're really up for the job.

The new stages of recruiting would be:

1. Filling a Form.
2. You will be moved to the RP-test, if you've completed your form sucessfully.
3. You will be Interviewing a person, which would be chosen by the CEO or the COO of the Company.

You may find a Form from here:
M.E.F. Inc Application Form
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[M.E.F. Inc] Purged
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