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Register with Your In-Game name [FirstName] [LastName], example 'Jack Package'.
It's highly suggested to be on TeamSpeak, 'The Syndicate' channel while In-Game!
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PostSubject: [INFORMATION] HOW TO HIRE PROSPECTS (Outsiders)    Tue May 28, 2013 3:05 am

1. I made an application form for prospects who can't register on the forums.
(( ))

Application forms will be sent to

Only Board of Directors and above will be given the password to that e-mail.

2. Do /ads

EXAMPLES: UCORP | Jobs available, go to our website to apply. | SMS for info

3. If you're gold vip or silver vip, /setautoreply and put in.

"Go to and fill up the form ((Go to"

4. All application forms are IC.

5. Check our email for application forms

6. Once you get their name and phone number, contact them IC-ly and arrange a personal interview.
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