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 Din Chiller's application [HIRED]

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Lieutenant (R3)
Lieutenant (R3)

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PostSubject: Din Chiller's application [HIRED]   Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:57 pm

Jack Packaging Company

Armani Security Agency Application

Full name: Din Chiller

Place of Birth: Viet Nam - Ho Chi Minh city

Date of Birth: November 28th, 1990

Current Citizenship (SA/TR): Tierra Robada

Phone Number: -28111997

Home Address (If none state none): 28 ElQue - Tierra Robada

What Makes You Unique? I am different from other people, I work with lots of different way.
Why should we pick you over anyone else? I have lots of experiences in guarding, I used to work as a pricate bodyguard for a company. And I am good at shooting, driving and flying. Plus, I am good at team-work and I always obey the rules, following the orders of high-commands.

Have you got past experience within this job type? Yes as I said upon, I used to work as a pricate bodyguard for a company. And I am good at shooting, driving and flying

Tell us a small bit about yourself : I was born in Viet Nam, Sai Gon city but I have Chinese blood as my ancestors moved from China to Viet Nam to settle down so I am half-blood. When I was 4 years old, to avoid the war in Viet Nam, we moved to San Anrease to settle down. We lived in a small flat in the suburb San Anreas. There are five people in my family. Wich are my brother, Mark Chiller, my father, Mac Chiller, my mom, Cathy Chiller and my sister Kylin Chiller. My dad is called Mac Chiller, he is forty years old. He is quite a big man and he is very strong. He is now rather bald and he is embarrassed about that. He was very proud of his thick black hair. For his living he is a builder. He used to work for a large local firm but now he owns his own business. At this moment, he and his workers are building a new house in our street. He spends a lot of time on the building site. On free days he likes to play golf. He plays at the local golf course with his brother, my uncle Mark Chiller. He has just bought a new set of golf clubs. He also loves to cook. He always cooks for our whole family at weekends with my mom. My mom is called Cathy Chiller. She is very pretty and very kind. She always wears nice clothes. Before I was born, my mom was a nurse at the local hospital. After the birth giving she decided to stay home to take care after me and my sister Kylin. When Kylin went to school, my mom went back to the hospital to work part-time. She walked with me to school each day when I was young. She also came to meet me after school. My mom bakes very good cakes. She also bakes good scones. She likes to garden and grows beautiful flowers. She also grows vegetables for our meals. She is a lovely person and I'm glad that she is my mom. My sister is called Kylin Chiller and she is three years younger than I am. We used to share a room when we were young. Kylin was very messy, sometimes she was snoring. I would like a room to myself. But now, we are all having jobs and our own house. Now, she’s working as an accountant for a packaging company in San Andreas. I love my sister but it would be nice to have a brother. About my uncle, he is called Mark, Mark Chiller. He lives in Tierra Robada, he has a very very big house there. He usually visits us on weekends and hangs out with me.
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Jim Malone
hitman jolo swag pro superioi obie jones rp ookke. also veri sucksesful in everyhintg he do ok
hitman jolo swag pro superioi obie jones rp ookke. also veri sucksesful in everyhintg he do ok

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PostSubject: Re: Din Chiller's application [HIRED]   Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:32 pm

Even though he failed to follow the format..

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Din Chiller's application [HIRED]
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