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 [ALL RANKS] Leave Of Absence

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Nathan Park
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Nathan Park

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PostSubject: [ALL RANKS] Leave Of Absence   [ALL RANKS] Leave Of Absence I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 8:04 pm

[ALL RANKS] Leave Of Absence EjtPKAq[ALL RANKS] Leave Of Absence EjtPKAq


This is the form used to notify the High Commands about your Absence. It's recommended that you submit it 3 Days before, however if you receive a late Notification, Feel free to submit it before you Leave.

If you're Inactivity will go for more than a Month, We may ask you to Retire from Jack's Packaging Company. However, You will have every right to Re-instate with your Original Rank when you are back.

After Submitting your Leave Of Absence, You must check it again within 1-4 Days to see if it was Approved / Denied. Human Resources can Deny a Leave Of Absence if it's for too long or if the reason isn't Valid.

If you're a Rank 4+ that is going inactive, You MUST Contact the Slot Holder.



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[ALL RANKS] Leave Of Absence
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