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Syndicate Boss (R5)
Syndicate Boss (R5)

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PostSubject: [APPLICATION FORM] Jay McJohnson [HIRED]   Mon May 27, 2013 6:19 pm

** You can get this application form inside the Mansion's office and Umbracato Corporation website **

Full Name: Jay McJohnson

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 21

Citizenship: Single

Address: Island #5 , Mansion 234.

Phone Number: 1180 2345 (( -7324 ))

How long are you living in San Andreas?: 20 Years.

Position Wanted:
Its not my choice, I'll get a good position if i do a good job.

Describe yourself (Strengths, Hobbies, Biography):
I was born in San Andreas, on the 4th of February 1992. I studied in San Fierro and I finalised my education with a five year course studying ‘Law’ at San Fierro University. After completing my time at University, I moved to San Fierro in an attempt to obtain a reasonably good job. When I arrived at San Fierro by train, I stepped onto the platform to find some people walking on the streets with illegal weapons in their hands and others speeding off in their stylish vehicles.

My first job when I arrived in San Andreas was Medic in San Fierro. I worked there for two years and it allowed me to slowly increase my wealth. Most people would usually get put off from their job by getting jealous of others driving their fancy cars while you’re driving a slow and ugly Ambulance, however I felt some pride in myself as I worked for my money rather than begging for it. When I first joined the Medics job, I felt nervous about meeting new people daily , however I gradually gained the ability to talk to them with pride. It was surprising to notice that some of our rare customers turned into some of our most commonly noticed customers.

Later, I realised that I had enough money to purchase my own car; I went to ‘Wang Cars’ in San Feirro and bought myself a Tampa. I felt extremely happy to drive a medium class vehicle, but then I noticed the trouble started from there: my happiness went beyond the limit and I ended up speeding on the roads. I regretted the pasts and I decided to throw it aside and head back to work since I lost almost half of my wealth from a huge fine. I wanted to try something new; I became a ‘Taxi Driver’ – I loved my car too much to give it up and return to the Medics Team.

Being a taxi driver increased my potentials to drive cars in a safe and appropriate manner without breaking the law. Daily I drove at least fifty miles which made me regain my confidence in driving and speaking to customers. After three years I noticed that my profits weren’t really good due to the prices of fuel in San Andreas and the taxes on my Taxi License. Day after day, I sat down at home and checked the newspapers and the internet for various different job opportunities until I came across ‘Umbracato’s Bar’, located in Idlewood. I joined them and I was recommended for the bar’s “Security” since people saw how well my shooting skills were at the Paintball Arena. I monitored almost every part of the bar daily: parking, counter, dining area, etc. I got promoted almost every week and then a few months later, I checked my post at home and I glared down at a letter which said, “Invitation to Alhambra Club: We have seen your hard work in the Umbracato’s bar and we’d like to invite you to our secondary business.” Without thought, I replied with all my details and they allowed me to join almost instantly.

I was proud of working for a business which was well known in San Andreas. After a few months, I was called to the Executive’s office and I was given a promotion to Alhambra's Director . I knew this authority was given to me with the hope that I’d use it wisely and never abuse it. I stood by those who supported me and made their beliefs become true because I worked constantly and I brought Alhambra’s standards high. Also, I managed to increase the employment rate for Alhambra by nearly three times their original rate. Finally, I obtained complete rights over Alhambra’s website which was run by me as our previous website manager left. After a few months, I retired and returned to Los Santos to look after my family as I had earned enough money. In the meantime, my brother Arturo McJohnson came to San Andreas and began his work in Umbracato’s Bar as well, but the sadness hit us when he was shot in a robbery.

I packed my bags and returned to San Andreas to feel the sorrow sadness of watching my brother’s body being placed in his grave. Watching this made me think: “I wonder how many other people would’ve been affected by robberies”. I made my descion to join the Fire Department of San Andreas and to save people’s lives after checking the statistics of San Andreas’s death rate. I worked twenty-four seven in FDSA without obtaining a single promotion, but I didn’t care because I never cared about my command. As FDSA worked to save people’s lives, criminals worked to take away people’s lives; I knew that there was no use in working with FDSA; I decided to become a Law Enforcement Officer. The agency which first came to my mind was, SASD – ‘San Andreas Sheriff's Department’. I got accepted in the department.. i worked there for three years but when i saw that i can have the oportunity to join the Division and help my Company i left the department to join this Division.

Job Experience (if applicable):
I've been Police officer.. Also i have Car Mechanic's Knowledges.

(( OOC Information ))

Age: 15

Country: Venezuela

GMT: [NA] -4.5

How much you spend In-game daily: 6-8.

Your Statistic (/stats) and Arms Dealer/Drug Dealer/Shipment Contractor stats (/skill)
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Forum Staff
Forum Staff

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PostSubject: Re: [APPLICATION FORM] Jay McJohnson [HIRED]   Tue May 28, 2013 12:36 am

(( Fix your Topic Title and fill up the OOC section ))
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Jose Dos Santos
Syndicate Boss (R5)
Syndicate Boss (R5)

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PostSubject: Re: [APPLICATION FORM] Jay McJohnson [HIRED]   Wed May 29, 2013 2:36 am

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PostSubject: Re: [APPLICATION FORM] Jay McJohnson [HIRED]   

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