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Register with Your In-Game name [FirstName] [LastName], example 'Jack Package'.
It's highly suggested to be on TeamSpeak, 'The Syndicate' channel while In-Game!
Please update your rank in forum by posting a request.

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Forum Staff

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PostSubject: [INFORMATION] Roster   Tue May 28, 2013 2:01 am

Shin Midorima Vista
Chief Executive Officer

- Vacant-
Founder/Chief Financial Officer

- Vacant -
Chief Operations Officer

- Vacant -

- Vacant -
Vice President


Malek Emperor and Naifu Chywn
Operations Managers

Senior Staff

Interns and Junior Staff
Carlito Briganti
Carter Lazic
Dom McFlies
Jay McJohnson
Jordan Harrison
Juan Vitarez
Katie Green Lemon
Kenta Mancini
Thomas Blackwater
Toni Kroos
Tyrone Ryder
Van Helsing
Vinny Lorenzo
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